Our influences for the Fall 18 collection range from Picasso to Paddington Bear and draw inspiration from archival color and natural dyes. Sometimes I walk around with these ideas for years, and at the right moment they find themselves into a collection. The fun is seeing how they all fit together.

Have a look behind the collection at our design inspiration board, to see how the collection starts to take shape.

detail3 (1).png

  1. Matisse: cut paper organic forms. I love these lobed leafy shapes.

  2. Stripes from a vintage fabric sample book

  3. Amazing Namibian graphic patchwork dress

  4. Archival color from Harvard Museums Forbes collection

  5. Picasso’s Harlequins

  6. Harlequin rug from pinterest

  7. Japanese Chiyogami paper with chrysanthemum print from 1860s

  8. Paddington bear. His hat, of course.

  9. Picasso’s “family of saltimbanques”. I have always loved the color and costume from this period in his career I have always loved

  10. This sweet image from pinterest. I love those pieces that walk the line between costume and everyday.

  11. Vintage NYC kids from pinterest. How kids style themselves is always an inspiration. Ultimate pattern and color mixing!

  12. Picasso’s art studio in Paris. An artist’s studio was the inspiration for our lookbook shoot.

  13. Vintage patchwork pattern fabric

  14. Yves Klein. The blue!

  15. Georgia O’Keefe, “Light Coming on the Plains”. Love the color and these domed forms.

  16. Watercolor from Alexis Joseph of the lovely shop: Case for making

  17. Chloe, spring 2007. These scalloped edges have been in my head all these years

  18. Quilt by Folk Fibers. Hand dyed with natural dyes. Nature’s palette is so harmonious.

  19. Vintage log cabin quilt piece from pinterest

  20. Yarn dyed with plant dyes

  21. Vintage fabric swatches

  22. Bolivian hat from pinterest