There is really nothing better than seeing pictures of your children year after year in Misha & Puff, and especially the same styles! 

I love hearing your stories, and seeing how the pieces grow and wear. My nephew wore his snowy day leggings in size 12-18 until he was 3. A sweet customer in Australia bought the sledding scarf for her daughter when she was a baby and a photo just popped up on IG of her as what looks like a 4 year old! 

This is really what it's all about for me. I joke with my husband, that I will have felt successful in this business, if (and hopefully when) in 30 years I spy some baby out in the world wearing 30-year-old Misha & Puff  - handed down from their own parents who wore it as a baby. 

That’s the goal.

We would love to hear your stories on instagram. Tag @misha_and_puff in a photo and use the hashtag #growingwithMP to be entered to win an MP gift card for $150! We will choose a winner at random and announce on instagram on May 11.

Photo credit: @thegemmers