Just for the babies, we took classic Misha &Puff styles and knit them up in a luxurious Cashmere and Merino blend (cashmere for softness and merino for strength and durability).  Using all natural plant dyes in the gentlest colors: ecru, shell and indigo.  Perfect for babies first year.  

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Shot on location in northern California with artists and moms, Lizzie Wallack and Jen Gerrido

Photography: Susie Cushner

20180302_M+P_layette 1.jpg
20180302_M+P_layette 4.jpg
20180302_M+P_layette 7.jpg
20180302_M+P_layette 16.jpg
20180302_M+P_layette 18.jpg
20180302_M+P_layette 21.jpg
20180302_M+P_layette 26.jpg
20180302_M+P_layette 32.jpg
20180302_M+P_layette 40.jpg
20180302_M+P_layette 28.jpg
20180302_M+P_layette 30.jpg
20180302_M+P_layette 37.jpg
20180302_M+P_layette 52.jpg
20180302_M+P_layette 60.jpg
20180302_M+P_layette 65.jpg
20180302_M+P_layette 105.jpg
20180302_M+P_layette 129.jpg
20180302_M+P_layette 140.jpg
20180302_M+P_layette 148.jpg
20180302_M+P_layette 197.jpg
20180302_M+P_layette 206.jpg
20180302_M+P_layette 242.jpg
20180302_M+P_layette 254.jpg
20180302_M+P_layette 275.jpg
20180302_M+P_layette 322.jpg
20180302_M+P_layette 332.jpg
20180302_M+P_layette 349.jpg
20180302_M+P_layette 355.jpg
20180302_M+P_layette 387.jpg
20180302_M+P_layette 468.jpg
20180302_M+P_layette 479.jpg
20180302_M+P_layette 505.jpg
20180302_M+P_layette 510.jpg
20180302_M+P_layette 532.jpg
20180302_M+P_layette 553.jpg