Introducing our first-ever Summer Capsule Collection!

This collection is all about honing in on the bare basics for summer. These are the necessities —part M&P, part collaboration, and part friends of M&P, all coming together for this purpose. We are so excited about the amazing artists and artisans we worked with to bring this collection to life.

We love that summer can be more about spontaneity, little adventures, and feeling like there is a casualness to how you are dressed in these surprise moments. With this ease comes the ability to buy a few key pieces that your kids wear over and over again. 

Summer dressing should not feel like a huge expense—every item in this collection is under $100. We focused on light-weight pieces to wear all day, great bathing suits, towels, sandals, key accessories, and a nice beach activity or two! 

We look forward to letting go, and living in the moment with these pieces. We hope you enjoy them too :). 

Browse the collection and read more about each individual product here.

Photography: Winky Lewis
Styling: Basha Burwell

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