There is no shortage of extra yarn in our house, so we have a few projects that use up little bits and skein ends quite nicely.

My son reintroduced me to this camp favorite a few years ago.  I had totally forgotten the joy in making these. Fun for even the smallest hands, these have a lovely rustic charm. It wasn’t until writing about them that I understood their cultural heritage, and now love them even more.

A good video tutorial if you need a refresher:

The ojo de dios (eye of god) originates from Huichol Indians of Mexico and the Aymara Indians of Bolivia.

It's a symbol of the power of seeing and understanding unseen things. The four points of the crossed sticks represent earth, air, water, and fire.

I really love the way it comes out and the design reminds me of log cabin quilting (and inspiration for our log cabin knitted collection coming for fall18!)

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