Soor Ploom

Based in Brooklyn, Soor Ploom’s Seasonal Collection is produced locally and designed using the highest quality of fabrics. Their fabrics are dyed using low impact dyes, and their garments come bulk packaged from their factories. They are proud partners of FabScrap, a non-profit organization that they work with to recycle...

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Gilda Dress Sold out

Gilda Dress

2-3 y4-5 y6-7 y

Faye Dress Sold out

Faye Dress

2-3 y4-5 y6-7 y

Oona Romper Sold out

Oona Romper

12-18 m18-24 m2-3 y4-5 y
6-7 y

Exclusive Mavis Skirt Sold out

Exclusive Mavis Skirt

18/24 m2/3 y4/5 y6/7 y
8/9 y

Sparrow Blouse Sold out

Sparrow Blouse

2-3 y4-5 y6-7 y

Harriet Pinafore Sold out

Harriet Pinafore

2-3 y4-5 y6-7 y

Mavis Skirt Sold out

Mavis Skirt

2-3 y4-5 y6-7 y

Ivy Blouse Sold out

Ivy Blouse

2-3 y4-5 y6-7 y