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Misha & Puff is committed to sustainability. Loop allows you to shop and sell rare and archival Misha & Puff styles. Shopping pre-loved keeps these heirloom pieces in circulation.

The Studio is our new destination for creativity and sustainability - offering Yarn Skeins, Knitting Patterns, and a Mending Service. All for the love of making and fixing, creation and care, artistry and reimagination.

But we know that life happens, so we created a repair program to ensure that your item can live on and on.

Why We're Passionate About Fair Trade

Fair Trade isn't merely a better way to do business. It's the only way to do business.

Fair Trade is a global movement that encourages companies to embrace responsible approaches to making and selling products, particularly in developing countries. For example, paying fair wages, using sustainable resources, and supporting local communities where factories are based.

Fair Trade also encourages consumers to make better choices about who they buy their products from. Because after all, what we buy and use in our daily lives not only affects ourselves and our families. These decisions also impact other people, animals, communities, and our planet. 

Fair Trade isn't simply a philosophy. It's a way of life – and a lifelong pursuit. For companies, this means actively monitoring its Fair Trade practices, learning from mistakes, and listening – really listening – to its workers, vendors, partners, and customers as well as best practices from recognized Fair Trade organizations. To us, it’s critical that we work with artisan partners who always put people and the planet first. Several of our vendors are Fair Trade certified.