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Anokhi is a web of interconnecting stories -- stories of love, friendship, and family. Born in 1970 with a goal to save the craft of block printing from extinction and to resurrect a sustainable livelihood for the many craftsmen who create quality hand-printed fabric. The prints first appeared in London, and Anokhi quickly gained a devoted international following.

Each piece of Anokhi cloth has been stamped over and over by the hands of people with their own epic tales to tell. Each wooden block is painstakingly carved by someone with his own story, and who can tell what daydreams are stirred into each vat of indigo dye? We love each Anokhi piece for the time and loving attention that goes into every square inch. Like all of our stories that come together separately to make a united whole, each person in every stage of production at Anokhi adds their own unique touch as every bolt of white cloth slowly becomes a richly printed masterpiece. We hope that you will wonder at the beauty and history of your Anokhi items as they become part of your own story too.

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