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Misha & Puff is committed to sustainability. Loop allows you to shop and sell rare and archival Misha & Puff styles. Shopping pre-loved keeps these heirloom pieces in circulation.

The Studio is our new destination for creativity and sustainability - offering Yarn Skeins, Knitting Patterns, and a Mending Service. All for the love of making and fixing, creation and care, artistry and reimagination.

But we know that life happens, so we created a repair program to ensure that your item can live on and on.

FW21 Made To Order Details

Thank you for participating in our Made to Order program. Providing you with all the info you need at each launch is important to us.

Here's the latest update on FW21 Child Made to Order

When will my order ship?
We are currently preparing to ship items from FW21. Our estimated ship window is still early September 2021.

Will I know when my order has shipped?
Yes, once your order is shipped you will receive a tracking number.

I forget what I bought. Can I see that somewhere?
Yes! Log in to your account here. Go into your order history and review what lovely items are heading your way soon.

Why the wait?
Since you placed your order, your items have been knit or produced just for you. Made to Order guarantees you get the pieces you want and allows us to produce in an extremely sustainable manner. We make what you want, helping us avoid waste and overproduction. Learn more about Made to Order here.