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Misha & Puff is committed to sustainability. Loop allows you to shop and sell rare and archival Misha & Puff styles. Shopping pre-loved keeps these heirloom pieces in circulation.

The Studio is our new destination for creativity and sustainability - offering Yarn Skeins, Knitting Patterns, and a Mending Service. All for the love of making and fixing, creation and care, artistry and reimagination.

But we know that life happens, so we created a repair program to ensure that your item can live on and on.

Knitted Together

We feel so lucky to have such a wonderful community!

Knitted Together is our way of saying thank you to you, for being here and supporting us along this journey. By joining, you’ll get to enjoy a number of exciting benefits at every level, with so much more to come. Join us in celebrating you, our amazing customers, in all the fun.

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Free Domestic Shipping

Unlock free domestic shipping on orders as you move up in tiers

Winter Wheat

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2 points per $1


Reach 1,500 points

4 points per $1


Reach 10,500 points

6 points per $1


Reach 35,000 points

6 points per $1

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Non-member Winter Wheat Sage Nutmeg Persimmon
Point Multiplier ✖️ 2x 4x 6x 6x
Free Domestic Shipping Orders over $300 Orders over $275 Orders over $250 Orders over $225 Orders over $200
Refer a Friend Bonus ✖️ 100 Points 200 Points 300 Points 400 Points
Point Multiplier ✖️
Free Domestic Shipping Orders over $300
Refer a Friend Bonus ✖️
Winter Wheat
Point Multiplier 2x
Free Domestic Shipping Orders over $275
Refer a Friend Bonus 100 Points
Point Multiplier 4x
Free Domestic Shipping Orders over $250
Refer a Friend Bonus 200 Points
Point Multiplier 6x
Free Domestic Shipping Orders over $225
Refer a Friend Bonus 300 Points
Point Multiplier 6x
Free Domestic Shipping Orders over $200
Refer a Friend Bonus 400 Points

How To Earn Points

Earn more points to move up to the next tier.

Place an Order

2 points per $1

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100 points

Follow us on Instagram

50 points

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Unfortunately no, we do not have the ability to merge orders from multiple accounts, we apologize for any inconvenience. We highly recommend using one account for all your purchases, to enjoy the Knitted Together Program to the fullest extent!

At the Program Launch on September 2nd, 2020, every member of our Knitted Together Program began at 0 points but was given their starting tier based on their total orders since our February SS20 Launch. This does include the Made to Order Collection, and all other orders in this time period.

Yes, you can grow in tier at any point in time, but please keep in mind that all members of the Knitted Together Program have started at 0 points at this time. In order to move up within your tier, you will need to earn the total points value needed to reach that level.

We know this is not a perfect system, but we worked with our partners to figure out the best solution we could come up with to start things off, and have gifted every member a starting tier based on their previous purchases within the last 6 months.

We weren't able to retroactively give points, but we wanted to give you something extra to start in any way we could, and can't wait to give you more.

Unfortunately, we are unable to retroactively apply points to new accounts. If a new account is created, any orders made within the last 3 days will be applied to your account, but we are unable to include points from orders placed before then.

There are many ways to earn points! Follow us on social, sign up for our newsletter, or refer a friend.

Points will appear on your account 10 days after your purchase. At this point, you will see your new total appear at the top right section of the site, displayed right next to your level.

Yes! But you must create an account within 3 days of placing the order under the same email address. At this point, you will automatically earn the total amount of points attributed to your order after 10 days. If you create the account after more than 3 days, you points will unfortunately not be earned.

We can reinstate your membership, but unfortunately all of your previous points will be lost.

Yes, your point value will be adjusted based on the items that are returned. This will reflect on your account immediately and those points will be cancelled.

Before your points are approved, they will sit in a pending state until they are verified.

After your purchase is verified, your approved points will reflect on your account and will be counted towards your current level in Knitted Together.

Any points appearing as canceled are due to a refund to your account from a return, or a return made during a “refer a friend” purchase. Is something like this not looking right on your account? Please reach out to us at and we’d be happy to help.

At the Program Launch on September 2nd, 2020, every member of our Knitted Together Program began at 0 Points. To make sure all of our current customers know how much they mean to us, we’ve calculated your current status based on all purchases since our Spring 2020 Launch and adjusted your level appropriately. The points themselves were not added to your account, which is why the total appears as 0.
This status will be held for 1 year from September 2nd, 2020, and will then be calculated based on your point status going forward. Before they expire, you will receive an email to alert you.

The simple answer to this is that we just cannot accommodate the cost of offering free international shipping on small orders. For the Knitted Together Program, we want to offer as many fun and exciting perks we can, but also had to evaluate what we could honestly do as a small company. We apologize to any inconvenience for our wonderful international customers, and hope that one day we can offer this to you as well.

Yes! If you are using a quick pay option (for ex: Apple Pay, PayPal etc.) and the quick pay email does not match the email associated with your Knitted Together account then you will not get the points from the purchase. Shopify will automatically link the order with the email associated with this payment method. Make sure that your Knitted Together account matches the email linked with all quick pay methods to enjoy the Knitted Together Program to the fullest extent!