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Dramatic landscapes — rugged yet soft.
High desert vistas.
Warm clay and the smell of juniper wood.
Flooded light, hard shadows.
Big skies in the land of enchantment.

Summer 23 is about reconnecting with joy.
Mixing and matching graphic and archival prints and exploring texture. Vintage-inspired silhouettes. Earth tones and bold pops of color. Slowing down for the right moments.

Summer 23 Part I launches Tuesday, May 30 at 11 am EST.

SU23 New Mexico

Founder/Stylist: Anna Wallack
Photographer: Leonard Greco
Photo Assist: Jay Hanna
Art Direction: Chrissy Beale Baker
Styling Assist: Nicole Kurily
Production/Casting/Scouting: Teo Griscom
Designer: Anastasia Caras
Shot in El Rey Court Santa Fe +  Galisteo New Mexico

Big thanks to Jay Carroll, Becca Friday + all the great staff at El Rey Court for making us feel so at home on our trip.