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Spring 24 | Featured Artist Julie Daleyden

For Spring 24 we worked with France-based artist Julie Daleyden to bring her beautiful artwork to cloth. Her designs are all statement-making standouts this season and we’re thrilled to share more about her.


Julie Daleyden is an illustrator and textile designer who grew up in northern of France and has lived in Lille for the last twenty years. From an early age, she knew her "thing" would be within the art world.

Her parents enrolled her in art school from the age of six, giving her the opportunity to discover different techniques: drawing, pottery and engraving. As a child, Julie also spent a lot of time at her grandparents', notably in her grandmother's sewing workshop. Fabric and beautiful materials quickly became part of her creative life. At the age of 16, she studied at the Beaux Arts in Belgium and immediately felt at home and in her element.

Today, her studio is on the second floor of her home in France. Her printmaking studio is located in a creative space — Espace d'art contemporain in Lasécu (Lille). Julie has been working for 15 years for various textile, clothing, decoration, and toy brands — in parallel, of course, with the creation of her own projects. Textile motifs allow her to tell "stories on fabric".


At home, Julie surrounds herself with the works of artist friends, and creates little stories for herself through objects and furniture that she's hunted down or that belonged to people important to her. She collects things that might be useful to her for creation or inspiration...


Whatever the technique (engraving, drawing, ceramics, sewing, etc.), Julie loves volume and being close to the material. In her notebooks, she draws little characters who travel to different worlds, like her engraving plates or ceramics. Julie gets her inspiration from travel, books, objects, traditional costumes, carnivals, Inuit art, sculpture, music, art brut, and naive art.

Julie imagined the “Fête” motif as an invitation to color, travel, dance, happy smiles, and carnival dreams — it’s been worked in engraving, in the form of stamps, and graphic tones. It’s a playful, richly-packed motif that reminds her of her daughter, Luce.

The “Fête” motif and other Daleyden Collection pieces are available now in Misha & Puff Spring 24 Part I, with more throughout the season.