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If a hole has formed along the seam or armhole of your knitwear, this is due to yarn breakage where the panels were joined. Luckily, your piece is not in danger of coming unraveled altogether, but it is best to have this repaired before any further damage can occur. Our experts will secure the yarn and reweave the seam, making it virtually good as new.

Small (Up to 2 Inches) - $15.00

Large (Over 2 Inches) - $35.00

Please note: We will do our best to color match as closely as possible to the original yarn colors. Our color archive starts with FW20, but we have samples from other seasons/collections.

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Type: Small (Up to 2 Inches)


We're not actively accepting any garments with moth damage because it could contaminate our studio, which would be bad for all the other knits. While we quarantine all incoming garments in a freezer for three days just in case, we're still relying on you to do an honest visual check of your garment. If you spot moth damage, please don't make a request.

We also only can mend hand knitted pieces. At this time, we are not accepting fine gauge knits (like jacquard) and cut-and-sew pieces (like our Pima cotton garments). If you're unsure if your garment can be mended just ask us.

Currently, our Mending Services only address issues with Misha & Puff hand knitted garments. We can mend garments with crocheted sections, but if the crocheted section has completely unraveled, we won't be able to crochet it again. At this time, we are not accepting fine gauge knits (like jacquard) and cut-and-sew pieces (like our Pima cotton garments). If you're unsure if your garment can be mended just ask us.

We only accept requests for Misha & Puff knitted garments. They can be secondhand Misha & Puff, but they need to have the official M&P label.

Yes, it's our yarn. We're archiving all colors (starting with collections from 2020) from now on, so if you need a repair to an item from one of the 2020 collections, we should have the color in stock. For older collections, we don't have a complete archive of all colors, but do have many swatches and will aim for a close match. We’ll always alert you so you can decide what you want to do.

Once you’ve made your purchase here, you’ll receive specific instructions on how to properly deliver your garment to us.

Once we receive the garment, it will take 2-3 weeks, at which point we'll ship your mended garment back to you. The return trip could take another week or two.

Expect a timeline of approximately 4-6 weeks from the time you ship your garment to us to when you will receive your mended knit.

If you’re dropping off and picking up your garment at our Newburyport Store you can expect a faster timeline of approximately 3-4 weeks.

Our mending services range from $15 to $40 plus shipping (and more for “major surgery,” which will require a custom quote). Go here to browse mending options and make a purchase.

Yes! After purchasing your Mending Service on our site, you’re welcome to drop off and pick up your garment at our store during business hours.

We'll ship the garment back to you via Priority Mail, which includes insurance. The cost for shipping is automatically calculated into upfront cost.

We designed our Mending Services to help extend the life of your Misha & Puff knitted garments. We want people to wear our clothes year after year, season after season— and while we've made our clothes to last a few lifetimes, we also get that life happens, especially when kids are involved. If your knitted garment is in need of some mending, we can likely help.

You might see actual moths or remnants of moths, like wings or cocoons. Often, you’ll see little holes that you can’t account for. Google for images, and if you’re not sure, play it safe and don’t send it.

Please email with clear photos of the damaged area you are looking to have mended. We are happy to review and provide a custom quote!

We can address a wide variety of issues on Misha & Puff knitted garments, from button replacements to holes to major repairs. You can browse mending options and make a purchase here.

We only offer Mending Services to customers within the US at this time.

While we strive to color-match whenever possible, we can't guarantee that we'll have the precise color in stock. Our color archive starts with FW20 and we’ll continue to archive moving forward. 

If we don't have the exact color, we'll do our best to match it as closely as possible. This is something we'll alert you about so that you're aware and can decide if you want to move forward.