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Repairs Terms and Conditions

Thank you for entrusting us with the repair of your item.

When you ship your repair to us, we recommend keeping a record of your tracking info and getting shipping insurance.

Please keep in mind our Mending Services only address issues with Misha & Puff hand knitted garments. At this time, we are not accepting fine gauge knits (like jacquard) and cut-and-sew pieces (like our Pima cotton garments).

Once the item is with us, we do our best to color match and will always contact you if we do not have the color yarn and need to make a substitution. Please know, hand-dyed yarns do have variation in color - even amongst a single dye lot. We believe this is part of the beauty and nuance of the yarns and cannot promise that there will not be variation in the added yarn.

When replacing buttons, we will do our best to match the existing buttons for a seamless look. We have many button styles archived, but cannot always guarantee an exact match.

No two pulls or holes in a garment are alike. With that in mind, we work closely with our trained knitters to best mend your specific repair. This process also has a check-point with our studio to ensure it has been repaired to the best of our ability before it is returned to you. Thank you for trusting our knitters with this process. Every mending process is unique.

We can always guarantee that your commitment to repairing an existing item versus buying new has a valuable impact on the earth. Thank you for participating in our repairs program.