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Our Story

Hi. We're Misha & Puff.

Maybe you've been following our brand since the beginning in 2012 (thank you!). Or maybe you're new to the Misha & Puff community (welcome!). Either way, we're glad you're here.

In these pages, you can learn more about what makes us, us. This includes stories about our own history, our artisan partners, our responsible fibers, and our approach to Fair Trade. Because to "get" us, you need to understand all of those things.

As with all good stories, let's start at the beginning...

Once upon a time, a girl loved a boy.

In this case, the girl was Anna Wallack, our founder and creative director, and the boy was her newborn son. Anna knitted him clothes that he would be cozy and comfortable in (no itchy yarns!). “I was making up my own styles,” she says. “I was making things that weren’t in the marketplace.”

Let's just say word got around about Anna's gorgeous knits. She started knitting clothes for a couple of boutique shops, but that ended up being too much for one person to handle.

What to do? Anna wanted her knits to be available to a wider audience. “But I didn’t want it to be me knitting these things,” she says. “I wanted to work with knitters.” She also wanted to use quality, responsibly sourced materials while practicing Fair Trade principles that protected artisans.

Anna rolled up her sleeves and began researching things like yarn production, which ultimately led her to Peru, the textile capital of the world. She happily discovered the country had the right infrastructure and artisan partners to help her bring her vision to life. Misha & Puff was born in 2012.

OK, maybe it didn't happen as quickly or as smoothly as that sentence suggests. But you get the idea.

Learn more about our Artisan Partners

Our brand, in the proverbial nutshell

We love slow fashion that's stylish, yet unfussy. Hardwearing and long lasting. Expertly crafted. Thoughtfully manufactured. Good for the planet. Kind to animals. Fair to all people involved in the process.

Every day, we strive to be a company that makes lovely, meaningful things while doing good in every aspect of our business.

That's Misha & Puff.