•••Saturday & Sunday, Dec. 8 & 9, 10AM-6PM•••
1215 Bates Ave.
Los Angeles, CA

Echo Park Craft Fair
Join us for our first-ever trip to the Echo Park Craft Fair in LA! Shop current season, past season sale, women's, and exclusive items created just for this event! Catch us at The Connection, located just across the street from Mack Sennett Studios (at the Silverlake Independent Jewish Community Center). The Connection will focus on a kid & family friendly space, and will offer coffee and treats!



The Echo Park Craft Fair is a 2-day art and design event in Silverlake, California, featuring work by over 120 artists and drawing thousands of guests. The Fair has become a pioneering showcase for the thriving Makers Movement.  Featuring a meticulous curation of work from some of the finest artists in America, the Fair celebrates innovators creating in a vast array of mediums – from ceramics to jewelry, perfumery to clothing design, woodworking to fabric art.

Founded at the cusp of what is now a global trend toward the support of the handcrafted and locally sourced, The Echo Park Craft Fair has evolved, over nearly a decade, from a backyard pop-up, to a vast community gathering. Seven years after its inception, the Fair draws influencers and tastemakers, as well as national and international retail buyers, magazine editors and stylists –all of whom flock to the market to source products, ignite ideas and fuel creative inspiration.

Hosting thousands over the course of a highly anticipated 2-day event, the Fair draws style icons, celebrities and trendsetters, a creative-minded, discerning crowd who cull inspiration from the careful curation of vendors and vibrant communal atmosphere.