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Entrelac Sweater - Poppy Confetti

Final Sale: This item cannot be exchanged or returned.


A new classic of ours, but in our spring cottons. This sweater mimics the appearance of a basket weave with a roomier fit. Perfect for spring & summer nights!

Please note: our Confetti yarn is hand dyed and creates a unique pattern when knitting so no two items are alike! Product images are not representative of every variation.

Size Notes

    18-24m 2-3y 3-4y 4-5y 5-6y 6-7y 7-8y
Length Shoulder to Hem CM 33.0 35.0 37.0 39.0 41.0 42.5 44.0
  IN 13.0 13.8 14.6 15.4 16.1 16.7 17.3
Width at Chest CM 30.0 31.0 32.0 33.0 34.0 35.0 36.0
  IN 11.8 12.2 12.6 13.0 13.4 13.8 14.2
Sleeve Length Neck to Hem CM 22.5 24.5 26.5 28.5 30.5 32.5 34.5
  IN 8.9 9.6 10.4 11.2 12.0 12.8 13.6


100% Pima Cotton. Made in Peru.

Size: 7-8y
Sold by: Maria_44220

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Customer (Bakersfield, United States)

It’s so cute!

Miss G.P. (Brooklyn, United States)

Entrelac Sweater - Sea Salt Confetti

Emily (Jamestown, United States)

I have one in each color for my kids and love them. The fit is adorable.

Wasima (Arlington, United States)
Three faulty sweaters in a row

I have been trying to purchase one of these sweaters since a month and every time I purchased it, it didn’t fit my son. I bought an 18-24 month old sweater for my 17 month old son who has a pretty small head compared to kids of his age (60th percentile). And the neck holes of this pattern are not right. There’s something wrong with the measurements. I’m currently returning my third purchase of Entrelac Red Hot sweater that I bought thinking that third time’s a charm but I was very disappointed. I will not be buying this pattern anymore even though I absolutely love it. I wish they check/fix the neck hole measurements before sending them out to customers.

Allison N. (Seattle, United States)

Entrelac Sweater - Laurel