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Misha & Puff is committed to sustainability. Loop allows you to shop and sell rare and archival Misha & Puff styles. Shopping pre-loved keeps these heirloom pieces in circulation.

The Studio is our new destination for creativity and sustainability - offering Yarn Skeins, Knitting Patterns, and a Mending Service. All for the love of making and fixing, creation and care, artistry and reimagination.

But we know that life happens, so we created a repair program to ensure that your item can live on and on.

Skating Pond Skirt

Misha & Puff's signature pleated skirt with attached bloomers. Features a ribbed waistband with a drawstring for a secure fit.

100% Hand-dyed Merino Wool. Made in Peru.

100% of the Merino Wool fiber in this garment is RWS-Certified. Learn more about our responsible wool program here.

Product Measurements
Product Measurements
Waist Width (Relaxed)CM910111213141516171921
Length (Waist to Crotch)CM18.519.520.52121.52222.52323.525.527.5

Size: 0-6m
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Customer Reviews

Based on 86 reviews
Hannah S. (Port Orange, United States)
String Skirt!

STRING! THIS COLOR! Super impressed... just wow. The color is a creamy white, with very slight beige/beigeish pink variation. It is unbelievably BEAUTIFUL. Wool is also very soft. This is our new fav MP color!

Hannah S. (Port Orange, United States)
Camel Confetti Skirt 2021

Anna nailed it with this remake of 2018 Camel! Super impressed. The only difference I’d say is OG camel is slightly more cool toned for the base color, and the new camel has a little more yellow and brighter blue. Would take a keen eye to even notice the differences though. Beautiful piece as always.

Hannah S. (Fort Lauderdale, United States)
Camel Confetti 2021

It is spot on! I’d say the new one has a little more yellow confetti in it with a slightly warmer base tone than OG. I am super pleased with this as camel confetti will always be a favorite of ours.

H.S. (Fort Lauderdale, United States)

This color is absolutely beautiful. It’s a creamy white mixed with a super light creamy pink almost, it’s very hard to explain. It’s my new favorite MP color. They did a great job with variation as well, it has TONS like we all love. See pics.

Yosepha R. (Stone Mountain, United States)
Beyond my expectation.

What a beautiful and high quality skirt. My daughter and I really love it.

SHIN J. (Jeonju, South Korea)
very cute

I was surprised when I received it. The glow and color were good, and the way he wore it was lovely. I'm up in size, but I don't regret it. Both the regular size and the oversize made the child lovely.

JAN L. (Burbank, United States)
This skirt is everything

We loove loove our skating skirts, we always get stopped when outside to ask where I got the skirt.

Dohyeon (Jeonju, South Korea)

My child has become lovely.

Seung h.P. (Icheon-si, South Korea)
Very, very good

I love the color and the texture.
Thank you always for the pretty product.

hyo e. (Seoul, South Korea)