How the Pandemic is Affecting our Business

Despite the growth of our wonderful community, our business, like many others, has been affected by the pandemic. With the ever-changing retail landscape we’ve lost retail partners around the world who would usually place orders in the Spring ahead of production. As a result, many other small businesses like us have had to reduce or even cancel their fall/winter collections, which is devastating to production partners and difficult for the brands to sustain as well. We want to do our best to keep our team employed and our knitters knitting.

Everything that goes into a Misha & Puff Collection

We were incredibly excited for what we’ve had in the works for our FW20 Women’s Collection. It’s our biggest yet, and we’ve already spent many months designing and developing it. We’ve had many prototypes, fittings and yarn tests made in Peru and our Boston studio. We’re so in love with every piece, but the current economic situation would force us to drastically reduce the entire collection, if not cancel it all together. This would wound not only us, but all of our amazing vendors & artisans, who are losing work across the board.

The Ethical Future of a Made to Order Collection

As a small business, we have always tried to do our best to follow an ethical & sustainable ethos. We use natural materials & low impact dyes, make sure our knitters are paid a fair wage, and have spent countless hours making sure we are growing our production in a responsible way. As the world is shifting around us, we are shifting with it towards a sustainable future. We think a Made to Order Collection is the answer and the more sustainable way to shop. This will guarantee that many will be able to hand pick their favorites and that we won't overproduce anything, as we never want to make too much. We know that to survive and thrive we may need to adapt our business during changing times. We thank you for helping us maintain our values, letting us find new creative ways to do what we do, and more importantly to make sure our vendors and artisans will be around in the future.