How it Works

  • Get a first look at our FW21 Adult Lookbook and read about its intentional inspirations here.
  • Preview the Made to Order Collection beginning Thursday, April 1 and through the weekend. Familiarize yourself with our new textile and style introductions, see all the colors (and compare them to our past collections!), dream up your perfect fall ensembles, and plan your purchases—all comfortably before ordering.
  • Place your final order selections from the Made to Order Collection beginning Tuesday, April 6th at 11 AM EDT. Ordering closes Wednesday, April 7th at midnight, or while supplies last.
  • And yes, you can now choose from multiple ways to split your payments as many of you have requested! Through, you can pay for half your order now and half when it arrives from our artisans. There are no additional fees for this. Other payment methods include Shop Pay, which lets you split your order into four payments over two months. Or you may pay full price, but either way you choose, all orders are fulfilled equally and during the same time.
  • Get your pieces in fall, potentially even sooner than the official FW21 Collection Launch. We're estimating to ship MTO purchases in early October 2021, subject to change.
  • Keep in mind that ALL SALES ARE FINAL with no returns or exchanges. Made to Order is 100% made for you and we’re so glad you’re joining us in this more considered way to shop.

Good to Know

Made to Order collections don't necessarily mean "endless supply." Every piece is handmade, handknit, hand-worked, -sewn and -pieced, etc, and there are just so many talented hands. This is about putting those hands to their most focused and accurate use. Then slowly, meaningfully, increasing what those hands can deliver.

We also want to have inventory available for the full launch later in the year. So while it might sound counter-intuitive, certain high-demand MTO styles can indeed—and often will—sell out. So if you miss out on something at MTO, you’ll have another chance during the FW21 Adult Collection launch on our site and with all our lovely retailers. (See our current retail partners here — and check back before fall for many new additions.)

Thank you for being a part of forging this new path to intentionality and meaningful creation to last.

About Our Made to Order Collections

We developed our first Made to Order (MTO) Collection last year as a way to keep our team employed and our knitters knitting during the 2020 pandemic. (You can read more about the genesis below.)

But we quickly realized that Made to Order Collections will be the way of the future for Misha & Puff. We love that MTOs offer a more sustainable way to shop since customers hand pick what they want, and our artisan partners fulfill exactly those orders. Additionally, our team gains critical insights that inform future purchase orders and even design decisions. All of this reducing overproduction and waste, gets us closer to producing the perfect balance of what you the customer wants, and what our artisans and knitters can supply.

Finally—and maybe most importantly—better projections on our demand further sustains how we can consistently employ our knitters throughout the year with steady, accurate production orders. Because their labor, time, and health is a fixed resource that we want to protect at all costs, this then also means not producing everything that is in demand with wild abandon. We’re committed to actively moving our targets towards better goals, have checked many off our list, and always have more to do. Read more about our production practices and the history of MTO below, and let us know what you love or would change on our company roadmap.

How it Started

Despite the growth of our wonderful community, our business, like many others, had been quickly and deeply affected by the 2020 pandemic. With the ever-changing retail landscape, we’d lost retail partners around the world who would usually place orders in the spring ahead of production for our fall 2020 delivery schedule. As a result, many other small businesses like us had to reduce or even cancel their FW20 collections, which is devastating to production partners and difficult for the brands to sustain as well. We want to do our best to keep our team employed and our knitters knitting.

What Goes Into a Misha & Puff Collection

We were incredibly excited for what we had in the works for our FW20 Adult Collection. It was our broadest exploration yet, and we’d already spent many months designing and developing it. We had many prototypes, sample fittings, and yarn tests made in Peru and at our Boston studio. We were so in love with every piece, but the 2020 economic situation would force us to drastically reduce the entire collection, if not cancel it all together. This would not only wound us, but all of our amazing vendors and artisans who were losing work across the board.

The Ethical Future of Collections

As a small business, we have always tried to do our best to follow an ethical and sustainable ethos. We use natural materials and low impact dyes, make sure our knitters are paid a fair wage, and have spent countless hours making sure we are growing our production in a responsible way. As the world is shifting around us, we are shifting with it towards a sustainable future. We think a Made to Order Collection is the answer and the more thoughtful, smarter way to shop. We know that to survive and thrive, we may need to adapt our business during changing times. We thank you for helping us maintain our values, letting us find new creative ways to do what we do, and more importantly to make sure our vendors and artisans will be around in the future.