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Our Story - Our Hand-Dyed Yarn Partner

Hand-dyed yarn is truly unique.

Now, we know what you're thinking: The word "unique" gets thrown around A LOT in the fashion industry. But in this case, it's true.

What does hand-dyeing even mean?

Hand-dyed yarns are just that: yarns that artisans dye with their hands—turning and manipulating while adding in their own essence into each thread.

Every kilo of our hand-dyed wool yarn will be a little different because each kilo is dyed by a different person.

And in that little difference? MAGIC. Possibilities. The result is a one-of-a-kind garment that you can't get anywhere else. A garment with (dare we say it) soul.

    Making the magic happen in Peru.

    Scaling handknit garments is HARD. And it becomes even harder when you want to use hand-dyed yarn.

    Luckily, we found a fabulous Peruvian textile partner who has helped us turn our vision into reality—respectfully and responsibly—thanks to the company's eighty-plus years working with natural fibers like merino wool. (Speaking of wool, our textile partner also works with us to make sure that the sheep providing our wool are treated properly.)

    In addition to the gorgeous colors, hand-dyed yarn also offers another benefit: smaller batches. Our artisans focus on one kilo of yarn at a time. Machine-dyed yarn requires more material—typically a lot more.

    Even better? Our artisans use low-impact dyes, which absorb better into the yarn. This means less water is needed during the rinse process and less run-off of dye during the rinse.