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Our Story - How We Do It

"We're taking craft and scaling it—and we figured out a way to do it so that it's fair for everyone while protecting and keeping natural resources in mind."

— Anna Wallack, Founder & Creative Director

A thoughtful approach to every aspect of our business.

To us, being thoughtful means asking questions, especially HARD questions. It means understanding how materials are sourced and manufactured. It means putting people and the planet first, always.

When we first sought to make our garments, we never thought we'd be able to scale in a way that allowed us to produce quality products with integrity in the process. Think Fair Trade and sustainability.

What made us realize we could do it? Our artisan partners in Peru.

Peru is the knitting capital of the world, so it's no wonder we first looked to Peru when we started on this journey. But Peru offered us so much more than simply expert knitters. In Peru, sustainability is the default. Peruvians cherish the land and the resources it provides. And Peruvians are natural innovators. They figure out solutions to puzzles and problems.

The country's ongoing shift from "informality" to "formality" — a complex topic that's worth digging into — is also important. This shift is helping protect more workers, most of whom are women, many of whom practice trades, like knitting.

Together, figuring out what's possible

Our artisan partners showed us what is possible with our vision. Together, we figured out how to scale quality hand knit garments (including hand-dyed wool) and handmade shoes in a responsible, ethical way that everyone can feel good about.

Learn more about our artisan partners: